New Member! Masterful Musicians – Colorado Wedding Musicians

Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope that your Independence Day holiday was an amazing one. We watched the fireworks in NYC last night, shot off of four barges in the river and it was AMAZING! I know that fire and fireworks have been a hot button topic in Colorado because of the recent fires, we want to make sure that everyone is safe. Please know that we are keeping all of you in our prayers, and if you have a need that we might be able to help with, please don’t hesitate to contact The Wedding Connectors.

We have several new members that I would love to introduce to you over the next few weeks! The first is a group of amazing musicians that are available to play in weddings and other events. I have listened to the classical guitarists and *swoon* – I could seriously just sit with a glass of wine and listen to them for hours. They are AMAZING!

masterful musicians, colorado wedding musicians

Masterful Musicians is a network of highly trained musicians. Their registered Musicians have studied at prestigious universities and have obtained their Masters degree or higher. Why is having an advanced degree important? It simply means that the quality of music you receive is guaranteed by six years of professional training. Whether you are looking for a jazz combo, classical guitar, a chamber ensemble, string quartet, wind ensemble, harp, flute or vocals, Masterful Musicians has the music you need. Many of the musicians in our network combine teaching at the university level with providing private performances. This network doesn’t just “play” music, we live it.

Masterful Musicians has a huge variety of musicians, from violinists to horn players, to vocalists! They have performed all over the world in some of the most notable venues, including Carnegie Hall. They would be an amazing addition to your special day, and we are SO happy to have them as a part of our group!

Welcome Suzanne and Masterful Musicians!

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