Glowing Reviews: Reverend Chris Mohr, Colorado Wedding Officiant

Happy Wednesday to everyone! WEDDING Wednesday even! What an appropriate day for another glowing reviews post about one of our members!

Right now is one of the busiest booking seasons for newly engaged couples to find their wedding professionals. The Wedding Connectors has a hand selected group of professionals that have been proven to be responsible, ethical, and most of all – will make sure that your day is amazing. The reviews keep coming in!

Chris Mohr is an officiant in Colorado, traveling all over the state to perform weddings. He is thoughtful and sincere, and his genuine concern for his couples shows in his work!

the wedding connectors, colorado wedding professionals, denver wedding officiant, colorado wedding officiantCredit: Rachel Berg Photography

“I always thought that on my wedding day I would be a wreck because my father wasn’t alive to give me away. You read a poem that he wrote, and somehow I felt he was really there with us. It really meant a lot. You have such a calming voice, and it helped me get through the ceremony.” – Kathleen

“Philip and I want to thank you again for the beautiful ceremony, especially thank you for your overwhelmingly kind words and sincere expression of love. You made the beginning of our lives together so special and so beautiful.” –Philip and Loretta

An officiant is something that a lot of couples don’t think about when it comes to their wedding. There are so many details to attend to that are visible and stay front of mind – flowers, food, music… but the officiant can set the tone for your day! You don’t want someone that will drag the ceremony out, so that your guests are sitting uncomfortably for too long. Someone with experience, that is mindful of what you and your fiance want in your ceremony is SO important! Don’t skip over the officiant too quickly, choose someone that will be a good match for you, your fiance, and your guests!

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