Tips from The Pros with Kassi from Red Door Photobooth

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Photo booths are the perfect addition and a must have at any wedding. Your guests can be entertained throughout the night and take home pictures that will last a lifetime!  Here are 10 tips to help you hire the BEST photo booth for your wedding.

  1. Look for hidden costs– Is the price the company quoting you including the prop’s, the scrapbook, double prints, a copy of the nights pictures, and custom designed logo with your name and/or wedding date. Make sure to add up these costs if the company does charge an additional fee because a company that doesn’t charge may be the better option. What’s a photo booth without props?
  2. Does the company have liability insurance? This sets the companies apart and is really important at your wedding.
  3. Is the photo booth an “open air booth” or an actual step in, push a button, pose photo booth? This is an important question because a true photo booth isn’t “open air”. How can you get that “Let’s get crazy, No one is looking” pictures if in fact everyone is looking. Plus will the booth be an eye sore or will it blend into your wedding? Also remember that in open top photo booths if there is sun or lights shining in the top your pictures will have many shadows and glare. Look for companies that have a roof on the photo booth or fully enclosed.
  4. Do you work with a contract or rental agreement? This is just as important as the insurance. You want to make sure you are fully protected too. Always work with vendors that have contracts.
  5. What kind of printer and photo paper are being used? The printer should be a high-end lab printer. Stay away from companies that are using store bought printers. Those printers don’t produce that great of quality and aren’t as fast or reliable. The printer should print the strips out between 7 and 15 seconds if it is a professional printer. The paper should be photo quality paper that is self-laminated so there are no smudges once printed. Don’t be fooled by store bought picture paper and printers. Make sure the equipment is professional. There is a reason professional booths cost upwards of $10,000 not $300.
  6. Will there be a Photo Booth Host the entire time? There should be a host there the entire time to help guests in and out of the booth, help with props, give instructions, help with the scrapbook, and overall provide your guests with a positive experience. Ask what the host will be wearing because an unprofessional company could very well send someone wearing jeans and a shirt to your Wedding. Make sure to hire a professional company
  7.  Should I hire a franchise or a locally owned business? Hire a locally owned professional Photo Booth Rental business because more than likely the owners are the one’s that are the host or hostess. They know how to run their booths and they take pride in their own equipment. They know where the booth should be placed, how to get your guests in the booth, and know how to operate their equipment in case something happens.  Franchises usually work off of high volume and run multiple booths per night. What if something happens and you need to get a hold of the owner. Usually the number is answered by an answering service that might relay your message. Support local businesses and small business.
  8. Ask the company where they would place the booth. The booth should be placed by the dance floor or by the bar where it is highly visible and there is a lot of action. This is important in the success of the photo booth. If there is no room in those locations make sure to have the DJ make announcements about the photo booth and the location several times during the reception. If the company doesn’t know where to place the booth maybe look at another company.
  9. Beware of the company that will let you come to another wedding to see their booth. Would you want uninvited guests to come to your wedding to check out your booth, NO! Ask the company for picture samples to compare the quality and also compare the additional fees charged by each company.
  10. Have fun and be crazy because that is what photo booth’s are for. Your guests will talk about your wedding for years to come and have a set of photo strips to remember your beautiful day.

Red Door Photo Booth is a locally owned company. We have two different styles of photo booths to fit your wedding needs. The Original fits up to 10 adults, simple on screen instructions, and color choice on demand. The Retro fits up to 4 adults with touch screen technology, multiple print options, in booth Facebook uploading and email, 30 second video messaging, color or black and white choice on demand, and much more. Both of our booths come with FREE prop box, scrapbook, double photo strips, and a DVD of the night’s pictures. Fun, Inexpensive, and Memorable………Red Door Photo Booth.


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