July “On Tour” with Briarwood Inn and Red Door Photo Booth

 The July Wedding Connectors on Tour was held at the beautiful Briarwood Inn (1630 8th Street, Golden 80401, 303-279-3121). Bri and Lisa are the owners and were also our hosts. The Briarwood Inn is known for their wonderful cuisine (and absolutely outstanding Sunday brunches!)  For years it has been a special destination to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, proms, weddings and other every special events.

In addition to the Main Dining Room (seating 120 people), the East Dining Room (seating 80 people, great for a rehearsal dinner), the Library (perfect for intimate gatherings), is the newly build, spacious, outdoor patio.  It was designed by the award winning Lifescape Assoc. and it features a natural stone fireplace, a water feature, manicured gardens, and a lighter pergola that is just perfect for a wedding ceremony.  Together it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere and during the daylight hours, guests have a great view of Lookout Mountain.  In the summer, on Wednesday evenings, a jazz group performs outside.  It is really a wonderful venue for a wedding, just down the street from historic Golden.

Highlighted at the event was one of The Wedding Connectors Elite Members, The Red Door Photo Booth. Many of the vendors that attended the event enjoied the photobooth.  People were in and out of the booth posing, laughing, and having a great time all evening long.  Owner of Red Door Photobooth, Kassi Hovey shared this story from the evening.  “The photo booth is funny sometimes because it takes a little bit for people to warm up and get comfortable in the booth. One person stands out and that was our hostess. She was very curious about the booth but wanted to watch a couple of people go in first to see what they were doing. She was very reluctant until I asked her and the other waiter to get their picture taken before everyone started to arrive. They grabbed a couple of props and in they went. They laughed , posed, laughed some more, asked for a fake mustaches, and took another 4 pictures. About an hour and a half later she comes over to me and whispers, “Do you mind if I get in again and take pictures to send to my husband?” I told her, “Hop on in and have a blast!” In the end, she finally warmed up to the booth and decided to surprise her husband by sending photo’s from the Photo Booth to her husband’s email for him to enjoy!

Red Door Photo Booth is about love and laughter!  Pictures are priceless and the booth captures priceless photo’s in a FUN way.

Thanks to TWC Elite Member, Linda Malone from Floral Design by Linda and Kassi Hovey from Red Door Photobooth for contributing to this post.  Photography by A Fine Photographer, Julie Kemerling.  Click HERE to view more photos or The Wedding Connectors on Facebook.



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