Great Times with The Wedding Connectors!

Greetings- The past few months have been extremely busy and successful for The Wedding Connectors.  Check out the Elite Members link to the left  for a list of our Elite Members and take a look at our website for all of our Elite and Associate Members.  With our “Pay it Forward” concept, we are growing and doing amazing things for wedding vendors and engaged couples alike.  We are still accepting new members and are looking forward to the remainder of 2011 and the future of The Wedding Connectors.  A special thanks goes out to our new board members:

Babette Canacari – President

Adrienne Lucas– VP of Vendor Networking Events and Education

April Shaefers– Treasurer

Everett Stout – VP of Membership

Kim Tavendale – Secretary

Julie Kemerling – VP of Marketing and Public Relations

Julie McKenney – VP of Social Media

Nicole Nichols – VP of Bridal Events

Enjoy some of our recent photos and now that we are all caught up, look forward to more vendor spotlights, tips from wedding professional and recaps of our events.  Best wishes to everyone this wedding season and we look forward to getting to know you, if we haven’t met you yet!

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