The Wedding Connectors On Tour at The Miramonte Lodge in Broomfield, CO

The Wedding Connectors On Tour took us to Miramonte Lodge in Broomfield, Colorado for our April Tour.  Their owner (and Elite Wedding Connectors Member) Kris Bowen took great care of us as we were treated to a full meal and their signature beverage.  Their gazebo is perfect for an outdoor ceremony, the bridal suite is spacious and the grooms room doubles as a kids play area after the ceremony.  Miramonte Lodge offers packages that include many services to make it easy for couples to plan their big day!

Photos compliments of The Miramonte Lodge.


Click below to read about the Miramonte Lodge experience from the owner, Kris.

Hello and welcome to the Miramonte Lodge!

Take a moment and imagine your day with us… getting dressed in our large bridal dressing room complete with a full wall of makeup mirrors, power outlets, a full length dressing mirror, lots of seating and more. There is plenty of room for you, and all of your “girls” to get ready for you big day. Next door the rumbling of your new partners voices can be heard in our groom room which is complete with a big screen TV, foosball table, card table, mirror, and couches. (PSST- It doubles as a play area for your younger guests also!) You are ready to go and are waiting by the fireplace, and our DJ music starts to play louder for your cue to step outside on our manicured lawns where your guests are awaiting you. Your partner has never looked more amazing as they wait by the huge wooden gazebo. Our minister has created a ceremony that not only brings tears to your eyes but to everyone sitting on the lawns. Finally the hard part is over, and it is time to take a breather before your pictures with our famous in house premium photographer. He takes you out to the front lawns where the old fashioned waterwheel, waterfalls, and lilac bushes create the perfect backdrop. Next, it is time for dinner! The incredible smells coming from the catering/bar area are absolutely mouthwatering! The bartender is smiling and is preparing you your signature drink as you walk by with your plate. Inside the banquet hall your breath is taken away by the warm walls, beautiful table settings, and it really is how you dreamed it to be!  The night magically goes by so fast, it hard to believe that things were so simple and easy at the Miramonte Lodge!


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