Tips and Tricks from The Pros: Choosing a DJ and Music for Your Special Event

Choosing a DJ and Music for Your Special Event

By Jeff Donovan, DJ On Demand

Dj On Demand

"Everybody's favorite DJ Company"

When you plan an event, a wedding, holiday party, or summer picnic, choose your music wisely.  Certain music genres complement specific events.  Consider that your DJ will play about 15 songs per hour; so, select songs that flow easily in that timeframe. Talk to them about your selections.  Remember they are the professionals and can guide you through this process.

Will you be dancing at your event?  Consider that most functions run about 4 hours, so plan for 2-2 ½ hours of dance time. Music can make or break your event, especially dance songs.  Upbeat, popular, recognizable songs get people off their chairs onto the dance floor. You can mix slow songs with fast ones to break up the pace, but remember to pick music that brings out the crowd.  Think to yourself, is this something that I would go to a club and dance to or is this something that my friends and I would listen to at my house?

Other things to consider are songs specific to certain cultures.  You may need to provide your DJ with this music, as they may not be familiar with that genre.  Clearly label this CD with the track number and song title to make sure the proper song is played.

Finally, you can use the Internet to find music.  Sites such as ITunes, YouTube, Pandora and Grooveshark are perfect ways to listen to songs ahead of time.  If you know a couple of lines from the song you can type them into Google and pull up that song.  In the ITunes, menu, you can type in IMIX and at that point type “Weddings” which directs you to a site where other people have posted music from their event.  The Internet is a great source for gathering ideas and selecting music.

Your DJ’s job is to make your event memorable and enjoyable.  A time when everyone can help you celebrate.

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