DJ on Demand: Our Newest Elite Member

DJ On Demand

Jeff Donovan started this company in 1997 as a solely owned and operated part-time business. In more than ten years it has evolved into DJ on Demand, a completely functioning, full-time business. Since its inception, the company has provided outstanding personal service and has served as a resource for all customers, colleagues, and aspiring DJs.
Jeff spent many years toiling in unfulfilling jobs and never realized his life-long dream, until he started this company. “I began by working part-time, until I was able to build the company into what it is today,” says Jeff.

“Over the years, I have enjoyed all the memories I have of running events. I have met many wonderful people, shared many laughs, have played great music, and most of all, have made many people very happy.  The most important aspect/feature of my business is that I am flexible and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. From bussing tables, bartending, pouring champagne, to making announcements and playing cds, I have done it all. The event’s success is the most important thing.”

Welcome to the group Jeff!  We are honored to have you as our newest member of The Wedding Connectors!

Dj On Demand

Everybody's Favorite DJ Company


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